Equipment & Parts Distribution

Planer mill equipment and equipment upgrades for planers and other lumber handling equipment

Capital Equipment & Equipment Upgrades for Planermills & Sawmills

We’ve been a distributor of equipment to the planermill and sawmill industry for over 50 years. Whether you’re looking to invest in an entirely new planer or piece of sawmill equipment, or are just looking to modify or upgrade your existing planer or sawmill equipment, we offer many solutions to suit your needs, including:

Planer mill parts and conumables, including planer parts, moisture meters, knives, knife grinders, replacement & reconditioned parts

Parts & Consumables for Planers & Sawmill Equipment

We carry an extensive inventory of parts for all planer or sawmill equipment we manufacture or distribute, and are an official OEM parts manufacturer for all Stetson-Ross planer parts, and offer a wide range of upgrade kits, including:

Planer mill installation of all planer equipment and parts, training, maintenance and repair services available as well

Installation, Training, Maintenance & Repair for all Planer & Sawmill Products

Our on-site installation, service and training department ensures that you’ll get the most efficient operation out of your Gilbert, Stetson-Ross, Coastal, Newman, Yates and USNR planer equipment, and other sawmill equipment.

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