Cantilevered Cutter Head Conversion

Designed to meet the evolving industry demands for increased production, higher quality finish, consistency and energy efficient motors

Larger Cutting Circle

  • Allows for more knives; more kife cuts per inch
  • Increases in production; higher quality finish
  • Easier clearing of jam ups

 Cantilevered Assembly

  • Allows heads to be changed out quickly, easily and safely; improves uptime
  • Allows for knife setting in the grinding room; allows knives to be ground in heads multiple times
  • Saves on product changeover and setup times

 Drive Shaft On Top Head

  • Uses standard off-the-shelf, hight-efficiency motors (environmentally friendly, clean, cost-efficient, easy to maintain)
  • Allows more horsepower due to less size restrictions
  • Top head is supported off-board, reducing stress to the planer housing and frame

Side Head Safety Plunge Jointer

Designed and manufactured since 2003, the jointer assembly is firmly mounted in place, with a focus on increased operator safety, convenience, and time savings.


  • Jointers are mounted outside the safety hood; hood is never removed to joint knives
  • The planerman's hands are never close to the rotating knives; operator is always protected from broken knives, debris, or sticks


  • No need to lock out the motors, as jointer is mounted outside the hood; no need to remove blow pipe; no need to remove hood
  • Joint in less than half the time as conventional jointers


  • Hinged hood allows for easy access for viewing or removing cutterhead
  • Jointer assembly firmly mounted in place for quick plunge jointing
  • Able to make precise adjustments to jointer positioning when required


  • Fixed jointer assembly ensures consistent jointing
  • Jointer controls allow for precise adjustments, ensuring accurate jointing
  • Simplified and accurate jointing procedure extends knife life significantly


Powered Shear

Powered Shear for Feed Table

  • Saw Eurodrive Gearmotor Assembly, 5HP, voltage to mill specs
  • Available for all make and model feed tables


  • Runs parallel to lumber lines
  • Provides positive feed
  • No edge tear outs
  • Reduces gapping between boards
  • Significant increase in production
  • Reduces skewing for a more positive feed
  • Robust design and simple installation

Gilbert Electric Motorization


Feed Mechanism

Feed rolls are powered by heavy-duty drive shafts and durable timing belts in a self-contained casing which reduces maintenance. Each high-speed rotation case is run by a performance electric motor powered by heavy-duty timing belts. Drive shafts and belts are motorized by a high-efficiency electric motor from 20 to 75 HP.


High feeding speed from 500 to 3000 "feet per minute".


Ultra-sturdy modular steel frame permits easier maintenance and quick access to all components. High-resistant stress relief frame ensures stability. Motorization case is kept closed to maximize security.

Timing Belts

Belts have grooves which prevent slipping and enhance the efficiency of the motorization of the planer.


  • There is always a certain amount of slippage in Hydraulic Motors but when they are over sped the slippage increases dramatically
  • Maintenance hours spent on the existing system
  • Maintenance spent on existing Hydraulic drive for the feed table
  • Roll wear from slippage
  • Bushings and Bearings

Gilbert Setworks

Our engineering staff has developed what we believe to be the most user friendly, safe, and practical positioning system on the market.


  • Changes in Production: Possible in less than a few seconds
  • Automatic Release: Quick release system and immediate return to production after wood jamming
  • Skips: One button allows you to simultaneously move both side heads which keeps the same space between them
  • Knives: Rapid automatic adjustment of cutterheads following sharpening of knives
  • Precision: Constant precision of manufactured products (only the first piece needs to be measured)

Gilbert Live Roll for Feed Table or Bridge

Feed Rolls

Diamond points bottom feed rolls, 10 in. LG x 12 DIA. angled at 5°. Grooved upper feed rolls, 10 in. LG x 12 in. DIA. All bottom feed rolls and pineapple rolls are activated by pneumatic cylinders on air cushion.


Sturdy modular steel frame allowing for easier maintenance and quick access to all components. Frame is stress relief for optimal operation.

Feed Mechanism

Feed rolls powered by heavy-duty drive shafts and durable timing belts in a self contained motorization casing to reduce maintenance.


Extra heavy-duty shear, easily variable angling, with interchangeable, four position wear section. Lateral modular guides with 5 in. diameter idler rollers, hardened, chromed and grinded.

Protection Guards

All heavy-duty safety guards with integrated Lexan windows, mounted on air cylinders for easy access.


Motor rating depending upon target production. Each high rotation case bearing powered by timing belts with electric motors to reduce friction and noise.


Variable feeding speed depending upon target production which can reach 3000 feet per minute.

Split Rolls

New and Improved Design

As an alternative to the currently used clamshell and solid roll systems, Murray Latta Progressive Machine has developed a new Split Roll System, available for all planer applications.


  • Quicker changeouts (no yoke, bearing or cap removal), simply undo the bolts and replace the roll
  • Economical repairs
  • Longer bearing life
  • Can be custom made for any application
  • Rolls available in varied lengths and diameters
  • Can replace any feed roll system

Split Feed Roll System Components

  • The Split Feed Roll System consists of split rolls and a modified shaft
  • For a 15" wide planer: (3) 5" rolls and (1) shaft will replace the existing solid/clamshell roll and shaft