Seymour-Capilano Twin Tunnels - Turbine Installation

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Industry Sector

  • Energy
  • Water Supply

Services Provided

  • Machinery Installation
  • Machinery Moving
  • MIllwrighting
  • Structural Steel
  • Project Management
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Full-Service Piping

Project Description

As part of the Seymour-Capilano Water Utility's Twin Tunnels Project, the Energy Recovery Facility reclaims water energy to offset some of the power requirements to run its Capilano Raw Water Pump Station.

Working as a subcontractor, Murray Latta's scope of the project involved overseeing the installation and assembly of all mechanical components and their supporting equipment:

  • Energy Recovery Facility Turbine (14-feet tall, 11-tonne)
  • TIV (Turbine Inlet Valve)
  • Intermediate pipe (5-feet diameter)
  • Generator
  • Draft tube
  • Cooling and lubrication systems
  • Structural Steel and other access components
  • Plumbing and process piping instrumentation


Most of the challenges revolved around the sheer size of the project's components:

  • Rigging the 14-foot tall, 11-tonne turbine inside the Pump Station and aligning all components inside the Pump Station's 25-foot deep pit
  • Working in close cooperation with civil and electrical contractors
  • Working with a turbine that was brought in refurbished from overseas, with limited information and technical support on its assembly


Inspected, took inventory of, and cleaned all equipment and machinery

  • Because there was very little technical information available with the turbine, and because it arrived reconditioned from overseas, it was critical that the turbine and all supporting equipment be thoroughly cleaned and inspected to bring it up to the local standard specifications for drinking water.

Embedded the turbine and supporting components in concrete in multiple lifts

  • The Pump Station began as a 25-foot deep pit.
  • Murray Latta worked closely with civil contractors to fill the pit with concrete in multiple lifts, maintaining precise alignment as the turbine and components were embedded further into the concrete.

Manufactured and installed temporary structural steel and access components

  • Temporary scaffolding and platforms were necessary during the installation and alignment of all the components, especially during the concrete layering within the Pump Station's 25-foot deep pit and the moving of the major components into the existing building.


  • There is no information on the expected energy savings the installation of the turbine will incur at this time since the Seymour-Capilano Twin Tunnels project isn't complete yet in its entirety